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Everything Matters MONICA CASSANI *** This is how to use the site. Many people still ask me for my “protocols.” The message I communicate for healing is that we are all different and our paths are also, therefore, going to be endlessly diverse. I share my experience, not so that it may be copied, but... Continue Reading →

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S.A.D? (Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression) or might we be fighting nature?

I don't use the term depression for my experience,  but I do find that there is a big natural shift in winter that encourages going inward and slowing down. I have found for a long time now that moving away from the pathologizing of my experience has been a healthy move for me and many of the folks I advocate for.  ...

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The Inner World of Trauma

I will be using the word trauma to mean any experience that causes the child unbearable psychic pain or anxiety. For an experience to be “unbearable” means that it overwhelms the usual defensive measures which Freud described as a “protective shield against stimuli.” Trauma of this magnitude varies from the acute, shattering experiences of child abuse so prominent in the literature today to the more “cumulative traumas” of unmet dependency-needs that mount up to devastating effect in some children’s development, including the more acute deprivations of infancy described by Winnicott as “primitive agonies,” the experience of which is “unthinkable.” The distinguishing feature of such trauma is what Heinz Kohut called “disintegration anxiety,” an unnameable dread associated with the threatened dissolution of a coherent self.” …

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Success. Thank you to all who donated towards Everything Matters: Beyond Meds upgrade. The minimum goal has been reached and the upgrade has begun. I'm happy to say the readers are the key to this site's success. The upgrade has begun. Donations are always open as this has always been a voluntary effort and expenses... Continue Reading →

Time to upgrade the site…

Everything has changed in how the internet is organized. (Everything Matters) is no longer competetive on search engines and doesn’t get the traffic it used to get. So, I'd like to upgrade. Among other things the SEO that is included in the wordpress upgrade will make the site more algorithmically effective and thus the site will turn up in more searches etc. I need $500 dollars to do this. I will make the upgrade if I can raise the money. Donate here if you'd like to help

“change your thinking, change your life”

I wrote this in 2018 ... every now and then a piece arises from the past that has a lasting quality. IMO this is one of them. Please enjoy again or for the first time!

Healing is here

Healing is here. It's a misconception that healing is ever over. If your body is wounded in certain ways physical debilitation can take a long time or not disappear at all. Having been in surrender for a long time i have been living in healing and thus, health. The world is unkind to those they don't understand and those who live with illness especially. It frightens those who cannot sit with their own frailty. It's bigotry and it fuels our eugenically oriented society. Surrendering is health. It can look any which way from the outside. Judgement blinds us. ...

Let the light of your sensitivity shine

Madness remains an important concept in the literature of those who been psychiatrized. People who study Jung have a very difficult time with the Red Book. They often react to the fact that Jung, within his own psyche, allowed and embraced what is often labeled psychotic in those less resourced.

Diagnosis and such…

Part of learning to listen to the body has depended on my employing the witness position of my own experience. That's meant that the below practice of not believing I know anything has been my modus operandi.

Tardive Dyskinesia

New page with collection of my articles on TD. The link can always be found in the menus at the top of the site. Most of the below articles are also about Lyme disease and multiple systemic chronic infections as well. I learned to understand TD in light of treating the Lyme disease and not... Continue Reading →

A conversation with Will and Monica

And now on youtube too: I always love talking with Will Hall. We did our first interview in 2009...this one is very different!

the rise of coercive treatment in psychiatry and society

I never stop being aware of is how unsafe it is to be vulnerable in this society. The below book takes a magnifying glass to what is happening all over society, under our noses in the name of psychiatry. Anyone who doesn't fit into the mainstream is vulnerable. Rob Wipond has written a book that... Continue Reading →

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