Chemical imbalance, huh?

Beyond Meds and anyone who’s actually paid attention to the science for the last many years has known that the serotonin myth about depression and how antidepressants work has no evidence to back it up whatsoever.

Embracing this critique doesn’t mean there is no biological factor to that which gets labeled mental illness…we are holistic beings, so of course there is biology involved too. What it means is the answer does not lie in the biological reductionism that psychiatry most often espouses and makes up stories about. Everything matters. Until we start attending to the individual as part of the whole of life, intertwined with everyone and everything, we’ll continue to harm. … [click on title to read and view more]

The answer

THE ANSWER Do not search for the answer. It will find you in the perfect moment, when your defences are down. It knows where you live. Befriend the question itself. Fall into wonderful not-knowing. Sometimes you can trust that you cannot trust at all. Rest. Stay open. Breathe in, breathe out. Know that your true […]

Teachers who inspire…

I’ve put together a post with a list of teachers or otherwise inspirational people I often quote or refer to on Beyond Meds. Here below many of them are listed with a distinctive quote from their work and a link to the posts on this blog where more of their work is shared. This post […]

DIVINE SUICIDE: Depressive Breakdown as a Call to Awakening

I let her talk and talk. She had a lot to say, and I said very little. I simply got on her side, saw and felt things the way she did, allowed her to experience what she was experiencing, and allowed her experience to become mine, intimately so. It was easy, since I have known well that place of total exhaustion, that place where “I’ve been trying so hard to save others and have received nothing back”, that desperation to die (or at least to end the burden of living), and also the sense of guilt and terrible sadness that arises from imagining loved ones trying to go on without me.

I stayed close. I did not try to play ‘spiritual teacher’, ‘expert on suicide prevention’ or even ‘therapist’.

Navigation of the archives: organizing the close to 5,000 posts on Beyond Meds

I did a post on coping methods for withdrawal syndrome in December. Traffic goes way down during the holiday months so I though I’d highlight it here again as I make it available in the archive system I’ve set up. While I’m at it I’ll list the whole navigation system. For easy reference it’s always listed on the sidebar to the right here on the blog. I continue to work on presenting the archives in some sort of reasonable fashion for easy access. There are close to 3,000 posts on the blog now many of which remain topical. It’s an ongoing job.

Alternatives to psychiatry: a resource

All diagnosis can potentially respond to natural treatments. It’s possible for anyone to consider life without medication. This blog is a contemplation about healing ourselves through means other than medication whether you’re on medications or not. And I might add whether you choose to stay on them or not.