The Brain’s Way of Healing: Discoveries from Frontiers of Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity: enormous implications for anyone who has been labeled with a psychiatric illness — That’s us, the readers of this blog…going against paradigm and healing ourselves with openness and conscientiousness. These are qualities that can be contagious. Right now we operate in a society telling us we don’t know what we’re doing…or that what we are doing is “woo.” Just think what happens when people start understanding what is possible. Others will start to open up and see the possibilities too. This is why education and sharing our journeys are both critically important. None of what we do is unscientific by the way, it’s just that science doesn’t know how to measure what we’re doing…

The brain that changes (grows, heals and repairs)

The discovery of neuroplasticity, that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains, even into old age, is the most important breakthrough in our understanding of the brain in four hundred years. Dr. Norman Doidge introduces principles we can all use to overcome brain limitations and explores the profound brain implications of the changing brain in an immensely moving book that will permanently alter the way we look at human possibility and human nature.

The brain that changes itself — more on neuroplasticity

I’ve posted articles about Dr. Norman Doidge’s work several times. Here is a video with him talking about how even a damaged brain can grow, heal and repair itself. Below is a quotation from the youtube channel: The Brain That Changes Itself: In this Melbourne Conversations event, Dr Norman Doidge, author of bestselling book The […]

Neuroplasticity of the brain — Steven Morgan

For more by Steven Morgan see here. Rethinking the Potential of the Brain in Major Psychiatric Disorders By Steven Morgan I. Questionable Theories The human brain is likely the most complex structure in the Universe. Even though it produces our understanding of the world, we are still in our infancy of understanding it. Even […]

The brain man – more neuroplasticity

And yes this suggests that our so called defective, mentally ill, brain disordered, schizophrenic, and bipolar brains can heal on there own with some effort, no drugs!! For my other pieces on neuroplasticity look here. The brain man September 10, 2008 – From The Age THE elegant, old-world dining room of the Hotel Windsor during […]

The other side of Mental Health Science — Steve Morgan

Steven has now let me publish several pieces of his work. If you like this piece of his do a search with his name in the right hand corner of this blog to see more of his pieces. He’s one of us making a difference! I’m always thrilled to publish his work. The other side […]

Neuroplasticity of the brain

Steven Morgan has once again kindly allowed me to post an excellent article he has written on the brain and mental illness. See here and here for other work he’s done. I’m becoming a great admirer of his work. I apologize for the formatting. Sometimes wordpress refuses to cooperate. Rethinking the Potential of the Brain […]