The Challenges of Living with Invisible Pain or Illness

This is really what it’s like to live with chronic illness or pain. It’s true of anyone with any variety of chronic illness. It’s also true of us with iatrogenic illness from psychiatric drugging and protracted withdrawal syndrome. Toni Bernhard is helping shed light upon this affliction in ways no one else has done.

Guest authors

This blog owes much of its success and influence to the great authors who chose to share their work here. Below are just a few of the more prolific contributors. There are links to their blogs or websites in the body of the posts where you can get more information about each author. There were […]

Can’t get no satisfaction? The Transience of Pleasant Experiences and the Inevitability of Unpleasant Experiences

If we try to control all of life’s circumstances, we will be rife with dissatisfaction. This is because we can’t make pleasant experiences last, and we can’t prevent experiences that are unpleasant to us from arising. So, the cause of our dissatisfaction is this tendency to live in a constant state of craving, a state I like to call “want/don’t want.” We want pleasant experiences to last and we don’t want unpleasant ones to arise.

Reality is the full spectrum

Reality is the full spectrum. I think a balanced understanding that it contains both glass half-full and glass half-empty is great. Noticing that one feels better when one takes the positive view is also helpful and one can move to inhabiting that more often.

Karma and chronic illness: What Is Karma and Why Should it Matter to You?

There is widespread belief in this culture (we might call it delusion) that one’s attitude can heal all. And while it’s true that one can ultimately live a graceful, meaningful life while having severe limitations (that to me is the only healing that really counts), it is often the case that physical damage cannot be […]