Detoxification (which is really about balancing the internal ecosystem): healthy living for body/mind/spirit

We are, in large part, and among many other things, an expression of the ecosystem of our bodies which include bacteria, virus, fungi and other parasites. Successful “detoxification” is really largely about bringing these microorganisms and the rest of our being into balance since most of them cannot be gotten rid of entirely in any case. In many instances we don’t want to get rid of them as in the right amount they serve a good function. We are all made up of these things in different ratios by design, really.

Walmart, detox, and finding the perfect healer

I am sharing some musings and responses to emails again. I collect bits and pieces I’m writing elsewhere and sharing here from time to time since people seem to enjoy that and have asked that I continue doing it. As before I’ve included links to old posts for more on similar topics below each little blurb. Here – from the last week:

Detox…the nitty gritty

I’m doing detox…hardcore, heavy metals, viruses, candida (and whatever else is being pulled out as I do this thing)…as it comes out so does the psychic sludge…all correlated with shit in the physical body, yes…really amazing and wonderful and beautiful…if also rough going…

Many existing detox centers for psych drug withdrawal are dangerous

This is a long post that cuts and pastes all my documentation on this program. At the end is the original story of what happened while I was there. It’s not the neatest documentation, I just want to be sure it’s available information. If anyone is having a complicated withdrawal THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO.

Letter to the director of the detox program that screwed me

For background info read this here. I wrote this letter to the director of the detox place I went to about 8 days ago. He responded with one sentence about an hour later saying, “I am pulling together information and will send you a detailed response.” The subject line from me read: “I hope you […]

It’s not a traditional “medical detox”

I’m doing more research on the detox facility. It bugs me that I know a lot of my readers who have gone through withdrawal are so wed to the “it takes forever and you gotta suffer real bad” theory. My experience with a whole host of other readers is that is certainly not the case […]

Body, instinct, placebo and a little Goddess Kali

**Deconstructing in order to construct. Kali at work** This has been my healing process – Kali action.  — The body had real (physical) structures for emotional/spiritual armor…they had to come down…that has been happening via an incredibly difficult heavy metal detox (and other toxins that are in the biofilm matrix). ***   Samsara rule number one: it’s […]