Health care is a human right

Yes, health care is indeed a human right…now lets just transform medicine which is widely corrupted by pHARMa and actually provide care that HEALS and doesn’t depend on creating drug dependent zombies (and I’m not just talking about psychiatry…statins, anti-acids, and a host of other meds are seriously overprescribed and do nothing to HEAL people […]

The human right to be psychiatrized?

This frame story presents undiagnosed/untreated mental illness almost as a human rights issue. From this point of view, it is a basic human right to a. be informed that you are suffering from a mental illness [this fact being objectively determined, of course] and b. be medicated, therapized, or in some other way treated for that disease [the treatments being scientifically proven to address those aforementioned objective diagnoses]….

Update: Action to uphold human rights successful

This is an upate to let you all know that Alison Hymes was NOT sent to a long-term facility this morning. Our efforts were successful. I think this proves that when we all band together, we can fight the oppressive forces of psychiatry. Alison had very little family support, but she had the love and […]

Darby Penney’s work for the human rights of the psychiatrically labeled

Yesterday when I wrote about my frustrations with the liberal or progressive movements in this country Darby Penney responded to that post with this comment (slightly edited): Gianna, thanks for raising this issue. I was active in progressive politics long before I became an activist on human rights issues for people with psychiatric histories, and […]

Human and civil rights and mental illness

I read this and this today. I read this yesterday. I’m feeling rage. I actually read this sort of stuff every day. We (the psychiatrically labeled) are marked for life and people like NAMI, TAC, psychiatrists in general as well as Big Pharma will do everything in their power to keep us marked. If they […]