Body, instinct, placebo and a little Goddess Kali

**Deconstructing in order to construct. Kali at work** This has been my healing process – Kali action.  — The body had real (physical) structures for emotional/spiritual armor…they had to come down…that has been happening via an incredibly difficult heavy metal detox (and other toxins that are in the biofilm matrix). ***   Samsara rule number one: it’s… Continue Reading →

Placebo effect! It’s our inherent capacity to HEAL. Let’s stop denigrating it

I’m always astounded when the placebo effect is talked about as though it were a nuisance…it’s such an incredibly and sadly closed minded way of seeing things. Of course we need a new name…that makes it central…we are healing machines!

Here’s an interesting video about the placebo effect. What is most interesting is that the placebo effect is actually getting greater over time as scientists observe it. Our capacity to heal ourselves is getting GREATER!

I love this.

And as the video says, this may undermine the pharmaceutical companies. Oh, no! … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Embracing the placebo (self-healing) effect

Why is the placebo effect the enemy? “The placebo effect” is a slightly misleading term for a powerful phenomenon: the inherent human ability to heal ourselves.  Our bodies are incredibly adaptable, always optimizing… the body is truly the temple for the spirit; each one uniquely reflecting the needs of the spirit housed therein. Continuous stress on an area will… Continue Reading →

Broad Review of FDA Trials Suggests Antidepressants Only Marginally Better than Placebo: the official literature finally starts to say what we’ve known for many years

Except if you read the details it’s pretty obvious that most often people would be better off with placebo, considering how many people end up with long-term withdrawal issues if they remain on these drugs. Robert Whitaker busted this story a while ago in two parts.. The medical field is slowly following with admissions of… Continue Reading →

Most clinical trials are being done overseas with little oversight, the NIH scandal, and the placebo effect: Wednesday news and blogs

Concern Over Foreign Trials for Drugs Sold in U.S. — NYT — The report “highlights a very frightening and appalling situation,” said Representative Rosa DeLauro, Democrat of Connecticut. “By pursuing clinical trials in foreign countries with lower standards and where F.D.A. lacks oversight, the industry is seeking the path of least resistance toward lower costs… Continue Reading →

Prozac for crowd control, no placebo needed to get the effect, NAC in schizophrenia, two updates on Rebecca Riley: news and blogs

More interesting links from over the weekend and Monday: Prozac for Crowd Control — Storied Mind — I’ve heard of a number of off-label uses for antidepressants, but turning them into non-lethal weapons for crowd control is a new one for me. The Soft-Kill Solution in the March Harper’s describes research on the use of… Continue Reading →

Placebo Effect

This paper is originally from Nexus Magazine. It is all over the net, so I’m assuming it’s okay to use the fair use clause in copyright law and present this here for educational purposes. I found it here. I think this paper suggests we can to some extent consciously use the placebo effect to our… Continue Reading →

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