Fall equinox today. Celebrate the season.

The longer I am psych drug free the more amazing my connection to all things becomes apparent. Not just the seasons, but the cycles of the moon, the weather, sun flares and everything in my environment matters. Yes! Everything matters. We are deeply holistic critters and we are part of all of life and the universe. Everything is connected. I am aware of cycles within cycles influencing everything about me and my environment. … [click title to read more]

It’s open season on people with psych labels…please take heed and help educate the dangerously ignorant

Just FYI: First New York, now New Jersey. It’s open season on people with psych labels: Gov. Christie commits to ‘fully implementing’ mental health treatment law  (that should read INVOLUNTARY “TREATMENT” or forced treatment. Coercion. And the fact is there is no care in coercion…sorry!! It is not the answer here. This is about placating the… Continue Reading →

Gotta direct you to Furious Seasons again

An excellent post inspired by Richard Friedman’s piece in the New York Times today. Philip keep ’em coming. Taking a broad look at the long term effects of our drug culture is extremely important. Friedman’s piece is still completely within the mainstream. Philip pushes further: I wouldn’t consider the risk of suicide and suicidality, on… Continue Reading →

I stole this from Furious Seasons

Thanks Philip. A clip from Fox news on the dangers of antidepressants for young people. These symptoms however, less reported, are hardly unknown among adults as well. Fox has done similar smaller pieces making the same suggestions. For a news station that I otherwise can’t stand they are being brave leaders with this topic. Unfortunately… Continue Reading →

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