Sweet memories of half my life

My darling Goddess Kali, kitty cat extraordinaire, died in the night at the venerable age of 21. Rest in peace my little muse. see also the below post where I speak to how she got her name: Goddess Kali, an archetype that has been with me a long time

Kittens (cute fix pics included)

Every time these lovely kittens feel inclined to come love me, sit on me, sleep with me I am utterly astonished at my good fortune. Being grateful is a default mode…what wonder that these little beings of another species love me! … [click on title for the rest of the post]

What’s in a name?

The name I use here, Gianna Kali, most of your probably know, but perhaps not all of you do, is a pseudonym. I do not use my real name for issues of privacy. A number of things concern me. First, I write about sensitive personal matters that sometimes include other people, in particular family members… Continue Reading →

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