LINKS to blogs and resources

These have been collected since the beginning of Everything Matters: Beyond Meds. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it updated as often as it should be. Healing and Recovery Blogs ♦ Innercompass – withdrawal information ♦ Let’s talk withdrawal ♦ Living life gently ♦ be whole now ♦ Corinna West ♦ Holistic […]

Centering prayer: Christians meditate too

There are many forms of meditation and prayer to choose from. Some are completely secular and others are not. No one form is right for everyone and quite often individuals find that different forms are appropriate for them at different times of their lives. Most forms of meditation are highly adaptable regardless of one’s beliefs. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Three living people I’d like to meet over a cup of tea…

I was thinking about who I’d like to meet of all living people today. I came up with three rather different sorts of lovely human beings. Just off the top of my head today, in this moment. There are of course many people it would be delightful to meet and chat with. Perhaps I’ll do a post like this from time to time. What is interesting though is when I thought about anyone I’d meet, it’s specifically people I imagine I’d get on with really well…and with comfort. Soul kin, so to speak. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Congressman Tim Ryan on A Mindful Nation

“A quiet revolution is happening in America.” So says Tim Ryan, Ohio congressman and author of A Mindful Nation, which documents the spread of mindfulness meditation across the US, and argues for its widespread adoption as a way to favourably affect the country’s healthcare system, economy, schools and military. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Christian contemplative prayer/meditation

I’m sharing some Christian contemplatives today. I generally share information from Eastern traditions or that which is largely influenced by Eastern tradition, but the fact is I’ve been greatly influenced by the Christian mystics too and the contemplative practice in the Christian tradition is deeply meaningful as well. Modern Western mystics have largely abandoned the […]

Teachers who inspire…

I’ve put together a post with a list of teachers or otherwise inspirational people I often quote or refer to on Beyond Meds. Here below many of them are listed with a distinctive quote from their work and a link to the posts on this blog where more of their work is shared. This post […]