Professional and media contacts welcome too. Inquire below.


Consultations available.  I can no longer do this for free. I’ve spent 10 years doing that as I learned with everyone else. At this point it no longer feels appropriate for my own health and well-being to continue working in this manner, free of charge.

FEE: $20 to $200 dollars an hour. Consider what you’re currently paying for care in your life and offer something comparable.

Consultations are intended to be short-term or intermittent to help folks find their way through this process by finding additional support systems which will include promptings and feedback to do that in broader ways. Supporting your own skill building capacities to find your own team members and community of support so that you create your own kaleidoscope of care. We learn different things from different people and different experiences. This is a process of creating your own therapeutic environment.

Issues discussed: Psychiatric med use and withdrawal, chronic illness, diet and nutrition to support mental and physical well-being, meditation, contemplation and mindful movement to support mental and physical wellbeing. Also anything else on this website as well as anything that feels important at the time we schedule. Trust that which is arising.

All information provided through consultation is intended solely for educational purposes and is not intended to offer medical advice, nor substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition.

At any given time there may or may not be openings in my schedule. Balance is something I practice diligently so there will be times when I am not available.

Leave inquiries in the comment box. They will not be posted and will remain private.


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