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This will be a collection of links that is more scientific in nature or shows studies or incidences that display how harmful most of psychiatry as practiced today and throughout history has been.

For many posts with all sorts of news on psycho pharma as well as alternatives: NEWS LINKS ON THIS BLOG (this link is a category page that spans the life of the blog…news from 2007 – 2010)

I want to suggest that anyone with questions regarding the safety of psychotropics please read Robert Whitaker’s new book Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America.

For a synopsis by Whitaker see here.

Visit this page for a collection of Whitaker’s work.

I will continue to add to this page when I am able. I’ve only gone through about 1/6 th of my blog so far.

I’ve not gotten around to updating or maintaining this tab but I add news links almost daily to the home page. Here is where you can find and peruse all news links. This includes all sorts of news and also covers alternatives as they appear in the news.

One thought on “Pharma and news

  1. I am at day 90 of my withdrawal. After almost dying because of serotonin syndrome, I took myself off and I will NEVER EVER go back! The anxiety I had before the drugs was fairly mild compared to what I have now..a panic attack here and there..nothing that should really warrant the use of five toxins to make me “better”. I was never better, lifeless, a shell of a person, no sense of humor and no enjoyment in anything that I did. Now I am suffering from the horrible side effects of withdrawal. After coming down from the crazy “side effect” that almost took my life, i have been through mania, paranoia and all sorts of things that I know where cause by these toxic things they call medicine! I am struggling today as I am back to work full time and lately I feel like someone is putting their hand around my throat and choking me…I have a hard time swallowing (this has always scared me) and just being so anxious is really stressful…I know it will get better and it certainly has! I really just need to hear from someone who is so hard to find anyone that will listen let alone believe you…I made the mistake of going to a damn doctor the other day…

    Me: I am having some terrifying withdrawal symptoms from the SSRI’s I was taking
    Doctor: That doesn’t happen
    Me: It’s been documented by a number of patients and it is called SSRI Discontinuation syndrome
    Doctor: Well then the logical answer would be to start taking the medicine again, wouldn’t it?
    Me: I just about died, why would I want to put that into my body?
    Doctor: It will take away all those symptoms so it will help.
    Me: If I came to you and told you that I had been clean from heroine for 89 days, you would be applauding my progress and telling me that things will get better. Would you say that I should go back on the heroine to make my problems go away?

    Then I walked out.

    I cry a lot, maybe because I have spent so many years not feeling pain or emotion that I have so much that I haven’t felt for.
    I don’t trust modern medicine anymore, it has destroyed me, crumbled my life into pieces, destroyed my body and taken valuable pieces of my mind from me. I took Prozac, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, Clonazepam, Topamax…and the list goes on. Never again.
    It took me twelve years to realize that a “band aid” doesn’t fix the problem, you have to expose what is underneath to really heal. It is sad that our society is so dependant on medication to “heal” when there are so many other methods that help people develop life long coping skills and many healthy alternatives to this “suicide”.
    I no longer want to be part of Big Pharma’s global experiment.
    I am so physically and mentally exhausted from this, I just want to be me again!

    Michelle Root

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