Open Dialogue: Alternative Care for Psychosis

Documentary about the healing modality
Documentary about the healing modality

On this blog there is now a nice collection of articles on Open Dialogue as it’s used in Western Lapland Finland with people who find themselves experiencing all manner of psychotic phenomena. The psychiatric hospitals are nearly empty there. The method can be learned and the results have been documented. People heal and go on to have lives that thrive.

If you’re not familiar with this method and you care about the dysfunctional atrocity that is mental health care in the US…you may want to find out about it. It’s not the only thing out there that heals that which gets labeled severe mental illness, but it’s been placed into the system in Finland…that is what makes it incredibly valuable as a lesson to the rest of us.

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●  Open Dialogue — Alternative Care for Psychosis In Finland Developed By Jaakko Seikkula

●  Open Dialogue: a documentary on a Finnish alternative approach to healing psychosis

●  Madness Radio: Mary Olson Open Dialog

The entire documentary is now available to view on youtube:

OPEN DIALOGUE: 74-minute documentary film on the Western Lapland Open Dialogue Project, the program presently getting the best results in the developed world for first-break psychosis — approximately 85% full recovery, a far majority off antipsychotic medication.

You can purchase the documentary on Daniel Mackler’s website: Open Dialogue Documentary 

See Daniel’s other two films too:

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