Immune disorder and inflammation and gut health….implications for many folks total well-being

This article I’m excerpting from below is talking about a topic in reference to that which gets labeled autism, but the subject has implications for anyone with auto-immune issues as well as many sorts of phenomena that get labeled mental illness. As holistic beings this is with some frequency part of the picture that must be addressed for total well-being.

I’ve been writing about diet and nutrition and healing the gut all with an emphasis on minimizing inflammation and how that is important for many people with psychiatric labels since the inception of this blog.

This information is not new. It’s new to the mainstream. It’s been largely dismissed as “WOO.” But now the New York Times is finally on getting on board. It’s quite interesting to see how these ideas get (tentatively) introduced at these large publications. The fact that the implications here are much larger than they touch on should be noted.

An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism

Gut health is important for total wellbeing, both mental and physical

The evidence mounts — we need healthy guts. Antibiotics harm the gut. People who have taken psychiatric drugs in addition often have gut issues. Sometimes these issues predate the psych drug use (as it did for me) and sometimes the psych drugs destabilize the gut and body in general and so the drugs are the cause of such issues. In either case it’s common that the use of psych drugs in time will further exacerbate the problem.

Heal the gut — heal the body and mind

The gut issues discussed in these videos are relevant to anyone with intestinal issues and therefore can be helpful to many people labeled with psychiatric issues as well. As I’ve written before many times on this blog, people with psychiatric disorders often have serious gut issues. These issues are usually labeled Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Most of the people I’ve worked with in circles of people who have been labeled with psychiatric diagnosis also have issues with their gut.

I like good food

Food as art form in the moment. My internal Kitchen Witch and muse at work.


I started sharing recipes when I started cooking “healing” food after becoming critically ill and disabled for years. I always have loved to cook so that part wasn’t new.

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