On hearing voices…

There was a great and inspiring article in the New York Times yesterday entitled, Learning to Cope With a Mind’s Taunting Voices. I read it in the morning and was very moved by it but had no commentary for it so thought I’d wait to see if something arose to introduce it with. When I… Continue Reading →

Hearing voices movement: Jacqui Dillon

What is it like to hear voices? How do people learn to live with their voices, and are voices sometimes positive and helpful? What is the connection between voices and trauma? Jacqui Dillon, voice hearer and director of the UK Hearing Voices Network, discusses how the movement of people who hear voices is creating self-help… Continue Reading →

Portland Hearing Voices Network

Get’s some  coverage in the local paper–The Portland Mercury. Here is a small snippet from a must read article: The Portland group’s initial goals are simple: to provide a safe, comfortable place for people to talk about their experiences, be they negative or positive, diagnosis identified or not, or medicated or not. It also seeks… Continue Reading →

Hearing Voices Movement

I went to the doctor’s today with this interview downloaded to my computer and listened to it while I got my IV. It’s a great interview for anyone who hears voices and for any of us who would like to better understand those who do. Also I found that there was plenty of insight that… Continue Reading →

Voices matter and (so do other extreme or unusual experiences)

The below video is a couple of years old and I somehow missed it. It’s really wonderful and well worth watching. I hope to be able to attend one of these congresses soon. I am starting to entertain the idea of traveling again, though I’m not sure yet when that might happen. – “Voices Matter” is a documentary about the global Hearing Voices Movement, filmed at the 2012 World Hearing Voices Congress in Cardiff, Wales. For more info visit the Open Paradigm Project. Also: a collection of posts from the archives with some commentary on hearing voices. … [click on the title to read and view more]

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