Grieving and praising life are twins

I’ve been sitting vigil with my dying kitty for about 24 hours now. I have not slept. She has consistently needed tending to as she can no longer stand but clearly indicates a need to move and shift her body that she might be comfortable. This is precious, delicious time. I’ve been watching the film… Continue Reading →

Aging gracefully: allowing the gray part 2

Close to a year ago I wrote a post entitled: Aging gracefully: allowing the gray. Since it’s relatively short, I’m including it in full below before I make additional comments based on now having grown my gray hair!…

So, mostly I’ve enjoyed this process this time around. But it sometimes gives me pause too. I wrote the little below blurb to share with girlfriends recently.

Before I got sick I was still mistaken to be in my 20s pretty much routinely. The last time I got carded was the last time I was in a bar at age 42. … [click on title to read the rest]

My cat, real food and the abject stupidity of the human race

“It’s inconvenient” we all say when first confronted with the fact that sentient beings need to eat wholesome real food without added toxins and chemicals. But is it really? Is it really more inconvenient to cook your child’s breakfast with fresh, clean ingredients rather than pour it from a box? Really? I’d say the real inconvenience is the chronic illness, diabetes, mental illness, behavioral issues etc, etc, etc… that often results from NOT feeding your children and yourselves real food.

Cat yoga

I meditate with my cat regularly as I shared in my tool box post yesterday: If you’re a cat lover, I found a nice way to meditate when in a lot of pain is to hold my cat to my chest and meditate to her purring and/or her breathing. It’s very soothing. The purring and… Continue Reading →

Links of the week

Metabolic Effects Significantly Lower With INVEGA(R) Compared To Olanzapine — This is NON NEWS we already know that Risperdal has less weight gain/metabolic problems than Zyprexa. This does not mean it’s safe. INVEGA is Risperdal’s patent extender so this is just to pump up business on their new EXPENSIVE still dangerous drug. If you’re gonna… Continue Reading →

Short and sweet cat video

She looks just like my Jezebel, except this little kitty is younger. And Jezebel actually has a much more annoying meow when she goes at it. (the video is short and sweet at only 1/2 a minute)

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