Going Deeper Into “Madness” with ISPS: Anticipating the International Dialogue in NYC 2015

As awareness spreads about there being something wrong with existing approaches to “psychosis” aka “madness,” interest grows in exploring what to do instead…This conference promises to stand out in terms of the variety of voices, perspectives, approaches and traditions that it will bring together to focus on the deeper issue of how helpers can best understand and interact with those experiencing what is called psychosis. … [click on title to read and view more]

Training Opportunity in Open Dialog

Open Dialog, the Finnish treatment approach for psychosis that has extremely high success rates without medication, is beginning to grow in the US. This is an opportunity to get training from the founder at a retreat center in New Mexico; it’s expensive, and space is limited so it’s by invitation, but if you are interested… Continue Reading →

Gluten Sensitivity Vs. Celiac Disease Vs. Gluten Intolerance

I have some introductory remarks here, but below them is a video that explains the difference between gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance and Celiac disease. If people have any of these issues at play eliminating gluten can be a very good thing for their over all health and well-being.

I’ve heard people “poo-poo” the importance of diet for mental health issues and they use the argument that if programs like Soteria and Open Dialogue can heal those with “schizophrenia” it’s not very credible that diet has much to do with it. I find this argument rather lacking since, first of all, we don’t see a 100% recovery rate even in these programs. 15 to 20% remain unwell. What if diet were changed in these folks in addition to offering psycho-social supports? Also, being that we’re holistic beings, more than one thing can be causing dis-ease in our body/mind/spirit. We might find that attending to something psycho-socially gets us back on our feet and functioning, but we don’t feel REALLY good until we attend to diet and exercise etc. Black and white thinking doesn’t serve anyone here.

Dig into the archives: five years of information and resources

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Readers share their experience with Beyond Meds: Who is this site for?….

Chemical imbalance myth and biopsychiatry links….

Open Dialogue: Alternative Care for Psychosis….

Meditation, not all bliss and roses…

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Luc from Belgium

From the time he was 19 until 21, having swallowed over 5,000 pills of these psych-drugs, at some 650 mg/day, completely drugged, my son was in a shape worse than before his admission to hospital. Then, via your website, we learned about OPEN DIALOGUE, we traveled to Lapland in Finland to meet the innovators. Today, our… Continue Reading →

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