PTSD, whistleblowing and chemical injury: There are some human experiences that others can’t really understand

“There are some human experiences that others can’t really understand. I learned a bit about that half a life ago when I developed a painful back problem that never got better, even with surgery. I learned to not talk about it, because even well-meaning responses were alienating. People would recount their own back stories [but they got better]. It helped me out to understand that they had nothing in their own catalog of experiences that fit mine. They couldn’t understand.”

Notes on trauma, PTSD and finally healing

A little collection to think about: In situations of terror, people spontaneously seek their first source of comfort and protection. Wounded soldiers and raped women cry for their mothers or God. When this cry is not answered, the sense of basic trust is shattered. Traumatized people feel utterly abandoned, utterly alone, cast out of the… Continue Reading →

Complex PTSD

The first half of this post is my own observations of experiencing what is essentially iatrogenic PTSD. The second half is a brilliant article on PTSD in general.  My neuropsych doctor confirmed what was in this post about my own iatrogenic experience in another post. Granted I have other more bodily related issues too, but… Continue Reading →

Coming out about PTSD

An excerpt from a blog penned by a veteran: A dear veteran friend of mine pointed out to me that what we live with is not a disorder at all, but a very natural response to circumstances no one should ever face. Labeling this as a disorder tends to imply that the problem is with… Continue Reading →

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