Studies show gluten sensitivity in people labeled with schizophrenia and bipolar (and how gluten can effect a lot of us regardless of dx)

Gluten sensitivity can manifest with or without gastrointestinal symptoms! This is true for many people, not just those labeled with schizophrenia. I talk about diet and mental health a lot and gluten can be a mental health drag for many people whether or not they have a psychiatric diagnosis.

A schizophrenia mystery solved

One of the enduring mysteries in schizophrenia research circles has been the disparity in outcomes between schizophrenia patients in “developing countries” and those in “developed” countries. The mystery arose in 1979 when World Health Organization investigators announced that, in a five-year study, patients in developing countries had fared better than those in the United States and other “developed” countries. A second study then produced the same startling results. In developing countries, the WHO researchers concluded, schizophrenia patients enjoyed “an exceptionally good social outcome,” whereas living in a developed country was a “strong predictor” that a person would never fully recover.

Soteria house and similar programs heal people with “schizophrenia” and other severe forms of mental distress

Soteria House was a project that ran from 1971-1983. The staff cared for people who were diagnosed schizophrenic and compared outcomes with the local psychiatric hospital. It was a drug free rehabilitation. (drugs were used in just 3% of cases and only very temporarily) Soteria house was created for those diagnosed as schizophrenic, but it’s progenies have worked with all sort of people labeled “seriously mentally ill,” with similar startling results:

Thirty Years Later: Still Cured of Paranoid Schizophrenia

Intensive Psychotherapy can be transformative. It was for Lois and it has been for others. How does it transform? By talking about and working through the patient’s own metaphor, concretized into hallucinations and delusions. My fingers typing are the result of brain reactions and chemicals. When a person is beset by his own thought productions and doesn’t recognize that they come from within, it is a small step to become either terrified or enraged or dissociated; or some combination of each. All of these reactions have a chemical substrate.

Madness Radio: Buddhist Meditation and Schizophrenia Ed Knight

Recovery leader and survivor Ed Knight talks about Zen, Insight, and Christian meditation and “schizophrenia,” including discrimination against people with psychiatric labels at meditation retreats, the link between spiritual awakening and madness, and living beyond “managing symptoms.” Recovery Circles Listen above or to download program visit Madness Radio.

Normality is an endangered species, trauma again linked to mental illness, and infants with schizophrenia?! Wednesday news and blogs

Normality Is an Endangered Species: Psychiatric Fads and Overdiagnosis — Psychiatric Times — By Allen Frances (chair of DMS lV task-force) Interesting to see what he says. Well worth reading the whole article. The “epidemics” in psychiatry are caused by changing diagnostic fashions—the people don’t change, the labels do. There are no objective tests in… Continue Reading →

Schizophrenia and Childhood Adversity

From the American Journal of Psychiatry we have another study supporting childhood trauma, and not just sexual trauma as reported the other day as being causative in schizophrenia. Here is an excerpt: Recently, researchers have found a range of adverse events in childhood to be significant risk factors for developing psychotic symptoms and/or being diagnosed… Continue Reading →

Trauma and schizophrenia, poor diet and depression, pharma backs a “documentary” about female sexual dysfunction, and Generation Monsanto, demand GMO labeling: Friday news and blogs

Sexual Trauma May Spark Mental Health Problems — Science Daily — This should be from the department of “no shit, Sherlock,” but the fact is the psychiatric community just doesn’t seem to want to deal with the fact that almost ALL people who have been labeled with serious psychiatric labels have been traumatized in childhood…. Continue Reading →

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