learning to deeply love and attend to the body — #foodie friday

Eat what makes you and your body healthy…this will evolve and change as your needs and understanding evolve and change. The one thing that should remain constant is that the diet should consist of mostly if not all REAL WHOLE FOOD. Beyond that whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or omnivore is UP TO YOUR BODY. The amount of raw vs. cooked food is also UP TO YOUR BODY. Whole real food…from there you have to listen and learn and be ready to change as is appropriate. … [click on title to read the rest]

Trauma is often held in the body and experienced as chronic pain

The gift of healing trauma is wholeness, says Peter Levine. … About the prevalence of chronic pain today, how physical pain may relate to past trauma, and the stages that pain sufferers commonly experience. They also offer inspiring real-world examples and insights about the keys for solving “the puzzle of pain.” … [click on the title to read and listen to the rest]

Trauma release exercises (or tension release too) — the body speaks

(Update 2015 – From the archives. This is something I can again do now if and when appropriate. Our body/mind/spirit changes as it heals. I also found that the neurogenic tremors arose spontaneously in my yoga practice quite often when I simply relaxed in savasana at the end of a yoga session. I took to letting them come. Our bodies know this stuff. It is not new, it is ancient knowledge that our bodies know. How silly that we need a trademarked version to make us remember. But alas, most of us do. This is a good system. Go easy and listen to the body. If it’s not the right time for this it’s not the right time. Those of us with severely impacted nervous systems from psychiatric drug withdrawal need to become highly adept at respecting the body’s timing. It always knows best. ) This is a post I did about a year ago. I’ve not been using this particular method of release anymore as it actually prompts a release that is too much for my compromised body at this time. The method, is, however, very good for people who are physically healthy and not in rehab. I’m sharing the post again because I continue to find that our bodies hold trauma and psychological distress in ways that we are just beginning to understand. We are truly holistic beings and our minds and bodies are intricately intertwined. The segments I share about the video talks a bit about that.

Treat the Body, Treat the Mind

In Chinese medicine, and Eastern philosophy in general, there is less tendency to see mind and body as separate than there is in the West. Cartesian dualism grew out of Western thought and never propagated to Asia, or at least not until modern times. One effect is that mental illness was never seen as a separate condition in China to the same extent as here. This unification of bodily and mental disorders in Chinese medical culture was abetted by societal stigmatization of blatantly psychiatric conditions, especially under Communist rule. Prison or other punishments often awaited those judged psychiatrically unsound, so emotionally-stressed people in China became far more likely to complain of bodily symptoms such as digestive discomfort rather than pure mental distress.

TD updated

I’ve come to believe that serious microbiome issues (lyme disease) and tardyve diskinesia are essentially the same thing. Such is the experience in my body. I have lyme disease — with five documented pathogens involved. I have mostly used Buhner inspired treatments. I also have tardive dyskinesia, a collection of debilitating “symptoms” associated with pharmaceutical… Continue Reading →

Heavy metals

Heavy metals are just one really heinous environmental toxin that gets into the nervous system and exponentially potentiates “negative” emotions (as well as being painful in ways that go far beyond what most people can conceive of and is associated with all manner of chronic illness and other infections all across the population…which is why the medical establishment shrinks away from the reality and calls people crazy, etc). It’s messed up and only people who have experienced the detox in its extremes really know it–most people teaching detox are working in the dark. …

Gut bugs and healing diets: prescription for profound healing

The bugs in our gut, good and bad, have consciousness. Good ones keep us happy and healthy. The bad ones mess with us in a multitude of ways. Many bad microbes colonize in ways that underscore and support neural pathways of trauma. As we heal our gut we heal both our minds and bodies. This is a synergistic relationship so one can work on emotional and psychological issues and heal the gut and one can also work on healing the gut and find that emotional and psychological issues also reveal themselves that way. Either way we must tend to both our emotional/spiritual selves and our physical body when dealing with profound healing and transformation. This may happen more or less consciously depending on levels of awareness. The more aware we become the deeper the transformation becomes. Simple mindfulness and paying attention to the body (meditation) allows such awareness to develop. … A lot of chronic illness is embodied trauma…

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