What is the link between psychosis and spirituality?

By Mary in SC Mary in SC who wrote this wonderful blog post on healing a psychosis in her youth with the help of Carl Jung’s and Joseph Campbell’s writings, has shared another piece that she wrote for a yahoo group that discusses the intersection of psychosis and spirituality. Mary has a doctorate in psychology as […]

Rethinking Madness: Towards a Paradigm Shift in our Understanding and Treatment of Psychosis

I just received my copy of Rethinking Madness, which Paris Williams, the author, mailed to me. It’s truly an essential text for anyone who wants to understand the psyche, particularly such phenomena that is considered psychotic and mad.

One of the many things he explores which is critically important, is that even within the field of tranpersonal psychology there is a bias against people who have “genuine” psychosis as opposed to “spiritual emergence.”

Open Dialogue: Alternative Care for Psychosis

On this blog there is now a nice collection of articles on Open Dialogue as it’s used in Western Lapland Finland with people who find themselves experiencing all manner of psychotic phenomena. The psychiatric hospitals are nearly empty there. The method can be learned and the results have been documented. People heal and go on to […]

Spiritual aspects of psychosis and recovery

Some people view their madness as a spiritual journey. But can religious or spiritual experiences be distinguished from psychotic ones? A number of studies have found it impossible to differentiate between mystical experiences and psychosis solely on the basis of phenomenological description.

Zyprexa: An American psychosis

Imagine that a virus suddenly appears in our society that makes people sleep 12–14 hours a day. Those infected with it move about somewhat slowly and seem emotionally disengaged…Now, such an illness has in fact hit millions of American children and adults. We have just described the effects of Eli Lilly’s best-selling antipsychotic, Zyprexa.

Recovery from psychosis: Listen to the many voices of those who have been there

These are the stories of people’s journey’s through their dark nights of the soul sometimes lasting months, other times lasting years, but all ending fully recovered. In addition these stories involve freedom from drugs/medications. Most everyone on these pages were told they would need drugs for the rest of their lives and proved psychiatry sorely wrong.

Open Dialogue: a documentary on a Finnish alternative approach to healing psychosis

I first heard of the Finnish Open Dialogue Approach four or five years ago, and I remember searching all over the web for articles about it. It wasn’t so hard to find information about their data, but what I was really after was a better sense of what the people there were like, and how they did their work. What I would have loved to see was a film about them — to hear the people who did Open Dialogue explain their approach in their own words. Ultimately, I never found what I was looking for on the web — or anywhere, really — so, I decided to create it myself. I spent two weeks filming in northern Finland, and about two months editing, and the film ‘Open Dialogue’ is the result!

Carl Jung, another drug-free recovery from psychosis

This review of the book on psychology today by Dr. Stephen Diamond agrees with my own musings that people would have considered Jung psychotic at certain points. The joyful part is that he healed himself. DRUG FREE. Like so many of us do everyday even while psychiatry claims it’s impossible.