Spirituality related posts

Spirituality related posts

Click here for every post on the blog that is tagged “spirituality.” It’s a complete list.

And here is a list specific to mindfulness and meditation.

The below is a list I started manually, which I realized was an impossible task as there is so much on the blog at this point. Still I’ll leave it, but for a more complete and much more recent list see the above to links.

A collection of some of the inspirational and spiritual pieces I’ve collected on this blog. This will be a work in progress. I will continue to add to it as appropriate. Remember to visit the Recovery from Extreme States of Consciousness tab too as it too deals with spiritual emergency and emergence.

I will add books at some point and if you have any books you recommend I will certainly consider adding them for scope. I don’t have to read them if they seem potentially helpful. We all find different paths that work for us.

I started this page a long time ago and stopped adding to it. For more recent pieces on spirituality visit the category link for SPIRITUALITY here. There are all sorts of posts under that heading.

Kahlil Gibran from The Prophet:


3 thoughts on “Spirituality related posts

  1. thanks bplife…
    I know that site..it’s fun…one of it’s authors is “Dwight” from the TV show “the Office.” I don’t remember his real name right now.

  2. Hi Gianna,

    A friend directed me to a site on spirituality and creativity that, while not mental health related, I thought that you and your readers may appreciate. It’s called Soul Pancake. Maybe it will lift your spirits.

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