Multiple Worlds Anusuya StarBear: Madness Radio

Is it possible to navigate the "multiple worlds" that emerge during psychotic experiences? Are voices and altered states also like a shamanic journey, needing guidance to find your way? Anusuya StarBear has heard voices and gone through altered states her whole life. A tragic near-death experience 20 years ago left her with severe and chronic... Continue Reading →

Mania as Spiritual Emergency: the psyche demands to be healed

  **consider all “mental illness” are variations on this theme. Not just spiritual emergence but generally a trauma response that needs to be met. And yes, trauma responses change the body too, so it’s also a real physical reality. Everything matters. We are holistic beings. And these disturbances affect all levels and layers of what it means to be human. Becoming conscious (healing) can drastically change how it’s all experienced. ...

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