My correspondence with the psychiatrist who put me on all the drugs

  I actually correspond with the psychiatrist who medicated the hell out of me. I’ve been sending him bits and pieces from my blog and he’s been pretty open-minded and decent with me. It’s been a terrifying process for me though. I loved my psychiatrist and still have warm feelings for him as a human […]

Finally, I found the perfect physical therapist

Well, there is a happy epilogue to the home care story. After the latest debacle, I never got back to the home care agency. Prior to that incident I’d had another bad experience. I had no interest in engaging with them after all this as I didn’t feel like being honest and telling them they […]

Birthday wrap up and new video

I’m uploadiing a video to youtube as I write this which I will include in this post. I think it’s pretty boring and really to long for how little I say. We’ll see by the stats it gets. I felt like making a video but I really had nothing much to say. The video making […]

Brief update—in search of homecare

Things continue to be rough with the Valium crossover. I stopped until I stabilized a few days ago and then cut by only .125 mg of Klonopin and added 2.5 mg of the corresponding equivalency of Valium. I’ve been pretty out of it again and I cut the dose of the exchange in half and […]

I got progressively more physically debilitated all of last year…

Is it okay if I don’t feel optimistic about the coming year? There is no reason to expect I’ll feel better any time soon. And certainly not within the year. What I have is iatrogenic illness: ABSTRACT We found that 36% of 815 consecutive patients on a general medical service of a university hospital had […]