The latest in my psychiatric drug withdrawal journey

It's been a while since I checked in. I've been barely holding my head above water. The PMS passed. There is no doubt about that. I am no longer an angry, disgruntled bitch. However while it is clear that something dark and ugly lifted, I am still plagued with a great CNS disturbance. I've stopped... Continue Reading →


I've been having a harder time coming up with stuff to write lately. I fear I've said my bit. But I'm always afraid my latest post will be my last. The thing is, right now, one of my closest, longest term friends from California is visiting me, so that means I have less time on... Continue Reading →

Psychiatric Meds and Fat

Most of us who have been treated with psych meds gain weight, there are a lucky few who escape this side effect, and then many that gain a moderate amount and then what seems a large significant minority for whom major weight gain is a problem. I fall into the last category. Before I started... Continue Reading →

Compulsory Post

I am not inspired to write today but get uncomfortable about not updating my blog, so I will give a brief update on my brother drama. First, I began to feel much, much better two days into my period. My PMS is lasting about 16 days. It starts at ovulation and goes until the second... Continue Reading →

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