Ray Sandford petition—can I ask why with hundreds of you visiting only 10 of you have signed this petition?

Honestly folks. Click this link and sign the damn thing. It takes about one minute. Please let me watch my stats jump on clicks out to this link. I can't imagine what's stopping you. From the petition site: Ray is a 55-year-old Minnesota resident who is regularly  receiving "Involuntary Outpatient Maintenance Electroshock." Involuntary outpatient electroshock... Continue Reading →

Stop shocking Ray Sandford petition—PLEASE SIGN

Please sign here. So that you might recall Ray's story see the youtube video here. And read all the MindFreedom updates on the whole history here.

Video: Ray Sandford, advocates, speak out against forced shock treatments

It is beyond me how this can be continuing. For a long list of updates on the issue, many of which I've posted on this blog visit MindFreedom. Found this at Rayne's World. Read her commentary here. I'm too pooped this morning.

The psychiatrist who traumatized me most rises from my past smack dab into my present!

This was written when I was using a pseudonym (Gianna Kali) which I no longer use. The comments on this post should be read to see how this sudden and unexpected encounter led to release and healing. Some who just read the body of this post only see the conflict and anger. I've no particular... Continue Reading →

The Wind Never Lies — recovery from bipolar

Steven Morgan has now contributed to this website a number of times. His writing is all inspired and I'm always grateful when he allows me to publish a piece of his. This piece I solicited recently. It is my favorite piece of work he's granted me the right to publish. It's something he's worked on... Continue Reading →


I've begun thinking about the "antipsychiatry," movement and concepts as a result of reading Philip's post the other day on Furious Seasons. I was triggered by both his post and the comment made by Ruth (author of Off Label) which you can read below the post. I made a comment as well, but not a... Continue Reading →

Piggy back on last post

Lot's of bloggers taking on TAC in the last few days. Today Philip at Furious Seasons makes a post with current commentary as well as links to all his past posts on TAC. Enjoy getting pissed off.

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