News and the forgotten value of waiting

by PAUL WOODWARD People everywhere, but especially in America, have been conditioned to feel that there is no experience in life more intolerable than having to wait. To wait is to be tortured by a cavity that urgently demands filling. Waiting destabilizes the nervous system and seemingly the only way most people can prevent an imminent seizure or some other kind of systemic breakdown these days is by clutching the ubiquitous grounding device upon which everyone now depends: their smart phone — a grounding device that helps each user feel connected by disconnecting them from where they are.

Online comments — from the perspective of the troll

From the Star Tribune. This woman has been a whole lot of us. Look, let's get something straight: I don't need no stinkin' Internet police wearing a badge of civility imposing on my freedom. Here, I get to say what I really think, even if it's not too deep. Here, I get to yell... Continue Reading →

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