I’m not writing much because I’m in a holding pattern. My whole life feels like it’s on hold. I’ve stopped tapering, I’ve moved out of my home to be on my own temporarily and am living a bare bones existence which if I didn’t have so much on my plate would be very depressing, but […]

Ask for alternatives

You have six more days to e-mail to USA National Institute of Mental Health about their “Strategic Plan.” NEEDED: Voices for Choices in Mental Health! Why you ought to call on NIMH for research on more CHOICES in mental health system other than drugs, drugs, and more drugs. One of the biggest funders of research […]

Psychiatric Meds and Fat

Most of us who have been treated with psych meds gain weight, there are a lucky few who escape this side effect, and then many that gain a moderate amount and then what seems a large significant minority for whom major weight gain is a problem. I fall into the last category. Before I started […]