Damn, I'm inspired. David Oaks, co-founder and former executive director of MindFreedom International, is a leader and a visionary. After experiencing forced drugging and solitary confinement in the mental health system as a young man, he's devoted his life to fighting against stigmatizing psychiatric labels, forced drugging, and human rights abuses. He led the 2003 MindFreedom Hunger Strike/Fast For Freedom where 6 psychiatric survivors fasted for weeks, challenging the American Psychiatric Association to provide solid evidence for the biological basis of mental/emotional distress. Despite an unbelievably COLD initial response from the APA, the strikers did not give up, and the APA was ultimately forced to admit that it had no scientific evidence that mental distress was a “neurobiological illness.”

Ethan Watters: The Globalization of the American Psyche, crazy like us

We are homogenizing how citizens in other cultures lose their minds and in that process we disconnect people from their cultures. American belief about psychiatry is a violent intrusion on other people's cultures. Ethan Watters looks at how we impose our ideas on other parts of the world. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

A message from a Grassroots Group to End Harm from Psychiatric Diagnosis

If you or someone you love or care about has been harmed because of getting a psychiatric diagnosis, or if you are a therapist, member of the clergy, attorney, nurse, orderly, aide, teacher, or anyone else who works in the mental health system or has observed it and has been upset because of seeing people harmed because of getting psychiatric diagnoses, or even if you are "just" a neighbor or concerned citizen, please read this.

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