Hypoglycemia and Diabetes type 2—big players in the psychiatrized

First of all I want to make it clear here, because the video doesn't. This discussion is primarily about diabetes type 2. Diabetes type 1 cannot be healed through lifestyle like type 2 can be. Many of us who have been on psych meds are hypoglycemic or have other blood sugar balancing issues and get... Continue Reading →

Symbax—the Zyprexa/Prozac Eli Lilly combo drug approved for depression

This drug was approved quite a long time ago for "bipolar-depression," and has now been approved for plain old garden variety depression, uh, make that "treatment resistant" garden-variety depression which seems to be about 70% of depression because, well, the treatment psychiatry routinely uses DON'T work. Nope antidepressants routinely don't work, so now they want... Continue Reading →

Jim Gottstein’s recovery story from psychosis and psychiatric care and how he now fights for the rights of those less fortunate

I've been traveling in some of the same online communities with Jim Gottstein in the last couple of years and had the pleasure to get to know him a bit. We talked today and I told him that early on in the creation of this blog, before I knew the rules of the blogosphere I'd... Continue Reading →

Eli Lilly and the Case for a Corporate Death Penalty — Bruce Levine

By Bruce Levine from Alternet. Unfortunately,  Eli Lilly is alone in its criminal behavior. This is standard practice in Big Pharma. AstraZeneca is currently behaving in digusting fashion regarding it's drug Seroquel and well GlaxoSmithKline has done all sorts of artful activity covering up its tracks around it's blockbuster drug Paxil. Also just today Doug... Continue Reading →

The New York Times continues to spread the bullshit: Fatal Illness More Likely in Bipolar Patients

I wrote about a study a week or so again showing that the mentally ill die more frequently where there is no mention of the DRUGS they prescribe these people being the CAUSE of all said diseases that are killing these folks. This careless disregard for the truth is so enraging I just want to... Continue Reading →

A most important post for anyone contemplating psychiatric drug withdrawal

In a response to a post the other day about the horrors of Cymbalta, a drug which among many other awful things is also awful to withdraw from, as are all psychotropics potentially, I got this comment. I’m working on a taper off Cymbalta, been on it for a bit more than two years, and... Continue Reading →

What is it with this supreme idiocy?? It’s well documented that neuroleptics CAUSE metabolic syndromes and yet these medical journals aren’t calling a spade a spade

It seems almost conspiratorial. It's certainly criminal. I posted on a piece from PsychCentral about a week ago talking about similar results while not mentioning that the drugs cause these problems. I also posted a piece that clearly states these drugs are killing us here and that docs aren't monitoring us. Now we see medical... Continue Reading →

AstraZeneca makers of Seroquel want to “protect” us by withholding information about the dangers of the drug

This you've got to read!! From the St. Petersburg Times: AstraZeneca, maker of the blockbuster anti­psychotic Seroquel, is battling to keep information about the drug out of the public's view … for the public's own good. This month in Orlando, lawyers for the drugmaker will argue that unsealing company documents, including unpublished clinical trial data... Continue Reading →

A Hero Protects America’s Children from Psychiatric Abuse—Jim Gottstein

Peter Breggin has a new post up on Huffington Post. I must agree with him. Alaska attorney Jim Gottstein has taken the bull by the horns. It's a bull of many terrifying shapes and forms. First and foremost, it is the raging bull of the Psychopharmaceutical Complex that is goring America's children. It's also the... Continue Reading →

Atypical antipsychotics double risk for cardiac arrest

This is all over the web. At least in my web world. But if you haven't caught it atypical antipsychotics double the risk of cardiac arrest. I concur with Philip who reports on the study in the New England Journal of Medicine that revealed this here and says this in conclusion: I swear the atypicals... Continue Reading →

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