Luc from Belgium

From the time he was 19 until 21, having swallowed over 5,000 pills of these psych-drugs, at some 650 mg/day, completely drugged, my son was in a shape worse than before his admission to hospital. Then, via your website, we learned about OPEN DIALOGUE, we traveled to Lapland in Finland to meet the innovators. Today, our son has “healed” from his psychosis, he worked his way out of psych-drugs, and he is happy again and back in college. Had his psych-treatment been going on, say until his 75, then he would have swallowed over 250,000 pills and paid some 165.000 Euros (over US$ 200,000) to psychiatrists and pharmacists, not reimbursed by our health insurance. – That is the average price of a two bedroom apartment of 95 m2 in Belgium…

The pharmaceutico-psychiatry business is very lucrative indeed.

Healed and drug-free thanks to you, Monica, our son can now work and save that to invest into his own apartment.

With our gratitude comes our encouragement:


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