Rock - by Monica Cassani

All there is, is nature. To nature I surrender.

All there is, is nature. To nature I surrender. *** Sometimes being overwhelmed is the only way through. *** We’re all profoundly unique and complex and it’s really, just the lack of understanding that fact alone, that makes western medicine so dangerous for the sensitive among us. We must be met as individuals and not […]

yoga teacher training. a long time coming

Yoga saved me. Literally resurrected me out of my bed when I was totally atrophied. I could barely make it to the toilet. I didn’t leave my house for a couple of years. I started yoga by sticking a leg up in the air and rotating my ankle. Then my arm and rotating my wrist. Just that for some time, actually. Slowly, slowly I did those little bits of one or two minutes of yoga, here or there, wherever I was laying down, until I could do it while I was sitting…then sitting on a mat…and slowly slowly, I did more and more…it’s taken YEARS of being totally proactive.

Healing is not linear

Healing is not linear. (we hear that all the time, for good reason).  For me healing is like a spiral staircase with a good dose of yoyo all the way up…. So, when folks want to pathologize our healing process we can tell them, *healing* is a highly disordered process…in that the fact that it’s […]

My body is my meditation practice

There is a freedom, vast and beautiful, when one comes to know how insignificant ones importance in the world is. This while also deeply appreciating the great value that we all hold as well. *** If your heart is not open to yourself then your heart is not open. *** When we are resonant with […]

Heavy metals

Heavy metals are just one really heinous environmental toxin that gets into the nervous system and exponentially potentiates “negative” emotions (as well as being painful in ways that go far beyond what most people can conceive of and is associated with all manner of chronic illness and other infections all across the population…which is why the medical establishment shrinks away from the reality and calls people crazy, etc). It’s messed up and only people who have experienced the detox in its extremes really know it–most people teaching detox are working in the dark. …