Site retired. I’ve retired.

I took the site down for a couple of weeks. I need to move on and I intend to do that. Thing is 100s of you have requested access so I’ve put the site back up — I’ve taken my name off the site (mostly — it’s kind of impossible to do completely)  and ask that no one contact me for consultations or assistance. I have found that contact from 100s of despairing people every year keeps my PTSD alive in ways that are frankly unhealthy. I can’t help you all individually. It’s impossible and very distressing both. I want to move on. Really move on. So here is the content. Have at it. I’ve retired from this phase of my life. Please don’t contact me.


Chronic illness

My “chronically ill” body rewards my gentle persistent attentions with never-ending insights into the nature of being an embodied human. Healing is alchemy and it never ends. The sensitive body holds the entire world’s pain, trauma, joy and madness within it. And yes, the suggestion is that most of us are not embodied. The conditioned self is disembodied. Coming to embodiment can be very painful.

About that which animates all of life…

Seems my thoughts as they’ve pertained to my healing process have been essentially planted by life-force so that I would achieve through my responses to my somatic experience, what was needed in order to heal the whacked out nervous system, gut, and immune systems etc. Never has it mattered if anything was clinically true or not…what mattered was that the narrative made sense to my ego so that I would follow directions and ultimately heal. …