Letters to my shrink


This collection now includes emails to a few other doctors/healthcare providers as well. I wish the letter writing wasn’t so often necessary!

I’ve documented my correspondence (since my withdrawal began and beyond) with the longest term prescribing psychiatrist I saw while I was taking psych drugs. You can always find this collection from the drop-down navigation menus at that top of the blog.

This sort of communicating with the doctors that prescribed the drugs that harmed us is by no means appropriate for everyone. This is something I do, not something I recommend to others unless they too feel comfortable and confident that it’s something right for them. It’s simply not always possible nor is it always appropriate or safe. I  support protecting ourselves and NOT retraumatizing ourselves or risking our safety in any way. That is why it depends on the person and the situation. Again, it’s not always the right thing to do. So no one need imagine I’m advocating others do this.

We all work where we are moved to work. We talk to those we can communicate with and help. I was a professional in this field. I am skilled at communicating with other professionals. I do what I can on as many fronts as possible to help educate and therefore change what is happening with the use of psychiatric drugs.

Recently I spoke to this doctor on the phone. I write about it in this article that was posted on Dr. David Healy’s website: Monica’s story: the aftermath of polypsychopharmacology

A post in response to the post on David Healy’s site: Talking to the MD who prescribed the drugs that made me so very ill

And since the conversation on the phone I’ve sent another Email To My Shrink — as long as the cognitive dissonance remains my job is not done.

I also once had an unexpected correspondence with a psychiatrist on facebook…the one who damned me to life as a sick person the first time I was hospitalized. This post got lots of interesting comments as it was back in the time I had comments…

I’ve corresponded with a couple of other doctors too.

this is a related post, but not a letter to the person: Freaking out therapist types: on being subject to the clinical gaze and the conditioned mind

These archives  now span over eight years. They are a record of a time in my life when I was learning and transforming at a rate unlike any other time in my life. I say this as a way of disclaimer. In the earlier years of this blog I am processing shock and dismay. In the early years I am undisputedly angry. I have worked out much of that and see things in a much less judgmental manner now. This continues to evolve. I sometimes want to take down old posts because they no longer convey how I feel, but I realize that they may still be helpful to people who are going through something similar now. The journey got me to where I am today, it’s just odd to have some of it in writing here for all to see. 

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