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This blog owes much of its success and influence to the great authors who chose to share their work here. Below are just a few of the more prolific contributors. There are links to their blogs or websites in the body of the posts where you can get more information about each author.

There were many more people who may have only contributed once or twice. Some of those people are represented on the Recovery Stories pages.

I will try to add to this list  as I have the time and energy as I’m sure I’ve left off many I’d like to include. The fact is if an article was on this blog I highly valued what that guest writer shared, whether it was a one time contribution or not. There are also well over 4,000 posts on this blog now, so digging through the archives is no easy task.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten great pieces. I’ve already added several people since I first posted this. It’s not because anyone is forgettable, it’s just the archives are huge and my brain is still hardly optimal. Please forgive me if I’ve left you off of this list. I will add people and articles as I remember them or am reminded by others.

Some folks have official relationships with Beyond meds.

The Scribes of Beyond Meds (click on the name to see their pieces)

Robert Whitaker has his own page and tab here with many articles and links to other works.

This is a link to a list of the pieces Will has contributed as co-editor. 

Altmentalities was another co-editor for a time and contributed many delightful articles that can be found here.

Jen Peer Rich

William Harryman

Rick Belden:

Laura K. Kerr:

Will Meecham: (most recent regular contributor)

Alto Strata:

Bruce Levine:

Al Galves:

Paul Woodward:

Leah Harris:

Ron Unger:

Steve Morgan:

Giovanna Pompele

Grainne Humphrys

Paula Caplan

Vera Sharav

Paul Levy:

Baylissa Frederick:

Grace Jackson MD

Sheila Joshi

Daniel Mackler

John Breeding

Gwen Olsen:

Diane D’Angelo

Mary Ackerley MD, MDH

By an Anonymous Friend

Jayme Lynch

Chris Kresser

Robert Masters

Toni Bernhard


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