healing journey — part 1 (brief thoughts from this morning to a friend)

The truth is my journey to healing has been so isolated, by necessity and because there has been NO available professionals with the appropriate skill sets, I’ve had to find my own healing path. This is, I imagine much more common than is ever let on. There are NO appropriate professionals available in a large number of individual cases.

The pretense by professionals that there is always such a person available if you seek them does a disservice to those who are on this sort of healing path. Instead, by piece meal and multiple consultations with people all over the WORLD (via the internet)…I have found in bits and pieces what has been healing me…I don’t generally ever dish out the “find a professional” line to anyone…not without caveats…some transformative processes demand so much more than so many people (and professionals) can even begin to conceive of…

It’s better to have no “help” than to have “help” that is injurious. This is a very significant reality.

●  Part 2, healing journey: Attn: mental health professionals of all stripes

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