Music and sounds for the soul

A collection of posts with suggestions for music and sound healing:

More sounds for the soul from Beyond Meds:

More on moving/dancing/shaking for healing:

More ECSTATIC DANCE HERE — some include music



I used to not really like this sort of new age music…now on an energetic level my body gets ecstatically chilled out…so good…

I suspect it will depend where one is on their healing journey…I suspect this would have been a major irritant even 6 months ago for me…

so with that as a caveat…try it out..

*note: I’m adding this to the drop-down menu under Healing Arts as Music/Sound therapy. This is not a thorough post about how such things work, but below are a collection of posts I’ve written with therapeutic pieces of music I’ve discovered. Sound therapy is going to mean very different things to different people, so I encourage you to explore for your own purposes.

I listen to it straight off of youtube…the sound quality is good if you have good speakers or headphones. If you want to buy it it’s available here: Music for the Mind: Happiness


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