Chronic pain (psych drug withdrawal induced and chronic pain in general too)

mandSomeone on  the Surviving Antidepressants Withdrawal Support Board inquired about pain relief yesterday. So I linked to a couple of posts where I speak about the chronic pain of withdrawal as well as listing many of the myriad of things I’ve learned to do to manage and ease pain. I thought I’d share those links here today. I’m also sharing a few other links to posts with general information about the sorts of pains those of us in severe withdrawal often face.

I use many methods for relief of the pain at once…including yoga and meditation and supplements and diet and epsom salt baths…like all aspects of health I’ve learned, that pain too is a deeply holistic experience. Everything matters.

I don’t imagine the combination of what works for me is going to be exactly applicable to anyone else. It’s more important to learn to listen to ones particular body and that process will never be exactly the same. I list as many things here as possible so that one might start to piece together what might work for their situation. 

Update: Also of note – what has worked and been effective for me changes and evolves as I heal. Nothing remains stagnant in a dymanic healing process. While this may sometimes be experienced as frustrating (like when something that was working stops working), in my experience it is actually a sign of change and growth. Healing is dynamic and change is the only thing that is reliably consistent! 

Both the posts on pain relief also contain many links to other information.

Adventures in natural pain relief


Coping with and healing body pain of withdrawal & withdrawal syndromes
I no longer tolerate any pain relievers at all, so this is it for me…

I also have a post where I talk about the different sort of pain people in psychiatric drug withdrawal experience:

Dyesthesias: abnormal pain from psych drug withdrawal (and info about other sorts of pains too)

And here is  a link to some musings about the association between Fibromyalgia and those who’ve been labeled with bipolar disorder:

Fibromyalgia and bipolar: it’s the drugs stupid –no not always, but often

I think that this post is worth visiting as well:

Trauma is often held in the body and experienced as chronic pain  –this very illness, that which we experience from severe withdrawal syndromes is a traumatic experience, so I also find the trauma lens helpful in many ways.

See these too:

Tool box for coping with psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes (and some chronic pain and/or illness too)

The pain of isolation when one has chronic illness (and moving beyond that, too)

●  listen to pain’s message and respond appropriately—taking good care (radical acceptance)

All the above was also part of the process of healing my endometriosis, a condition that includes chronic pain. too: Endometriosis? Mine responded to natural care. Here I email the MD who mocked me when I refused her “care”

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