Aromatherapy is being scientifically studied

I’ve been experimenting with essential oils and having rather wonderful results. I have now used three different blends that help with several issues ranging from getting to sleep to relieving pain. They’re rather astonishing, gentle, lovely and healing. I’m excerpting a bit from an article and then sharing other info I’ve shared before on Beyond Meds.

From Science Daily:

The scents which permeate our health spas from aromatic essential oils may provide more benefits than just a sense of rest and well-being.

For according to a new study(1) in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, the essential oils which form the basis of aromatherapy for stress relief are also reported to have a beneficial effect on heart rate and blood pressure following short-term exposure — and may therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, on the downside, those beneficial effects were reversed when exposure to essential oils lasted more than an hour. (continue reading)

Another post I did features a video with a board certified anesthesiologist, who is also a clinically certified aromatherapist, using essential oils in the operating room, describing the science of aromatherapy. Medical Aromatherapy

I once posted about two studies that showed both Jasmine and Lavender have a real impact on the brain: Studies have shown lavender and jasmine are calming

The oils I’ve used successfully are:
SARA — helps move unpleasant energies through my body/mind/spirit
White Angelica  – helps me calm and fall and stay asleep.
Joy Essential – general feel good oil
Idaho Blue Spruce – has helped with chronic pain and exhaustion

They’re expensive but  very potent and gentle. I use them very sparingly and they last a long time. As with most things everyone is different and responds differently to oils. Some people in withdrawal do not tolerate scents so should be careful when trying them. I don’t do well with some, in fact, but these I’ve listed have been good for me. That does not mean they will be good for you. It may be worth doing some research or consulting a practitioner if you wish to pursue this.

There are other brands of oils too. This just happens to be the one I used and given I’m still learning and these worked so well for me I am simply sharing the information.

I’ve found that these scents are healing. In a literal way. I use them less and less and only when needed. I find that working with them intuitively is a nice way to further understand my body/mind/spirit.

Note: for anyone in benzo withdrawal illness be careful with aromatherapy. Some of us become very sensitive to various chemicals as well as natural scents and if  (as the linked to studies suggest) Jasmine is, indeed, involved with the GABA receptors then those of us with Benzo damage might react badly. A lot of people with benzo illness can’t take any sort of supplement that engages GABA receptors without an extreme reaction.  The best time to take advantage of these wonderful natural scents and remedies is BEFORE one has been damaged by drugs…in order that one might NEVER be damaged by drugs. See: Multiple Drug Sensitivity (which also effects many in other psych medication withdrawal too)

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