Tardive Dyskinesia

New page with collection of my articles on TD. The link can always be found in the menus at the top of the site.

There remains little information on tardive dyskinesia that is anything other than convenient for psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry to spread in order to continue giving dangerous pharmaceuticals to those who have already been injured by pharma.

These articles are based on my experience. There are a lot of references to scientific articles that support what I’m saying at the link at Mad in America. They are supportive in that they’ve helped me understand my experience and not so much in a direct way. No one in the psych community has come to understand it this way though I’ve found those in Lyme circles that do.

My work on TD remains in it’s infancy. As I publish more on topic I will share the titles here. I am not writing much as I continue to focus on healing my injured body.

(there is an audio interview at the bottom of this page)

Tardive dyskinesia update
– All signal

Tardive Dyskinesia, Chronic Lyme Disease, and Infection – Mad In America 

Tardive dyskinesia is an infection

Tardive Dyskinesia is brain injury

Life with Tardive Dyskinesia (Lyme too)

Tardive dyskinesia – a sign of iatrogenic injury from neuroleptics

Intro to Ayurveda (for chronic illness, psych drug withdrawal, TD)

Also more at All Signal:

to whomever might be interested this is the general stance on chronic illness that experience has suggested: be the snake, eat yourself

see also: Micro-organism illnesses (Lyme disease and many others less popularly defined)

Lyme And Dyskinesia | Monica Cassani | Madness Radio – YouTube

Interview with Will Hall at Madness Radio


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