Trauma and your body

bodyTrauma that is held in the body over time freezes…the healing process requires defrosting…it can be painful…physically and emotionally.

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Yes, the body needs to be listened to. It can tell you more than you can imagine. Including what it needs for deep sustenance. It can help bring great healing to your mind/body and soul. Learning to listen to the body, depending on how long it’s been ignored can be a long, but also, wonderfully rewarding process. My journey of listening to the body is in part covered here: Everything Matters: a Memoir From Before, During and After Psychiatric Drugs

And when I first started learning to do this I had to do it in tiny wee bits because my body was in screaming pain from the iatrogenic damage the psych drugs caused. See: Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure in time though it helped lead to understanding my body in such a way that I could nurture it in many ways.

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