Healing “psychosis”: stories, info and resources

Words like “psychosis” are the clinical language of the oppressor. The word gives the impression that those who use it actually know what they are talking about. The fact is they generally do not. We, who have experienced that which gets called psychosis and have gotten clear on what it actually is are the only ones who can truly speak to it. Let us come together and help one another out.

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 Stories of healing and transformation

Below this updated section remains the list of recovery stories and resources for that which is labeled psychotic. See also: Drug free recovery from depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc…

People can heal the sensitivity to become what gets called psychotic by becoming AWARE…that is a growth and maturation process…when one matures enough to become an observer of their thoughts and become discerning about the content of their thoughts psychosis pretty much goes away…

Psychosis is, among (many) other things, also, quite often, a deep attachment to one’s (not consensually reasonable) thoughts and beliefs. To be clear much of what is consensually and widely believed in society and the mainstream is also delusional. It’s just generally accepted. R.D Laing has much to say about the “normal” human being. Let’s just say that real clarity and lucidity is not normal.

All human beings can become psychotic under the right (or wrong) circumstances…

Strengthening the health of the body helps clarity and growth too…as holistic beings it all matters…everything.

The maturation and healing process happens naturally…and can be aided and supported by many different things. If you visit the drop-down menu at the top of the page on this blog there are many suggestions in that direction.

The biggest problem in our society now for those who get diagnosed with any sort of “psychosis,” is that they are most often met by professionals that do not even believe that healing can occur, let alone deep transformative growth. Deep transformative growth, could be the norm, if those claiming to be healers actually knew what was involved in the individuation journey. Meeting the dark underbelly of the psyche as those of us who have been labeled psychotic at one time or another is a calling and an act of heroism. One that is rarely encouraged in society. I might add that it’s to the detriment of all society that we are shut down and often tortured rather than supported.  Many of us are healers trying to be born, just like Malidoma Somé says here: What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital

When it comes to holistic healing most  people find this journey includes profoundly meeting and tending to the body too.  Please visit the other parts of this website to learn about doing that in a multitude of ways.

There are many ways to find healing. Two pages that explore different ways of perceiving what is otherwise labeled psychiatric illness are here:

Artwork by Jung
Artwork by Jung

Whether you choose to see psychosis or other extreme states of consciousness as healing crisis of the mind/body/psyche or you consider it spiritual emergency, many people find their way through them without meds or with meds only for a short time or intermittently as needed for relief. This is something that is not widely appreciated or understood. If given the right supports and a safe place most people can heal from such situations.

To see documentation of a program that gets these sorts of results in an entire area of Finland see here. They’re seeing an 85 to 90% recovery rate (with very little or NO medication) in a population that in the US is told they will never recover at all!

This is a collection of stories of people who have come through such episodes generally getting labeled either schizophrenic or bipolar. The label isn’t so important I’ve found and there is lots of crossover between anything that gets labeled psychotic.

These are the stories of people’s journey’s through their dark nights of the soul sometimes lasting months, other times lasting years, but all ending fully recovered. In addition these stories involve freedom from drugs/medications. Most everyone on these pages were told they would need drugs for the rest of their lives and proved psychiatry sorely wrong.

There are more recovery stories here that are not specific to psychosis, but to other forms of mental distress that get labeled bipolar or depressed etc.

A few more recent posts on the subject of psychosis recovery:

This page will be continually added to as I find more information.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

Rcently published on Dr. David Healy’s website. I’m not physically well, but that is because the drugs harmed my body. I have no sign of mental illness. My mind has a clarity I’ve never known. So I’m including this here now.

For healing support:


Books to help understand the process our minds go through while in extreme states:

Visit the Beyond Meds BOOKSTORE


More posts on psychiatric drug withdrawal:

Please do not attempt to discontinue psych drugs without first very carefully educating yourself on the risks involved so that you might minimize the chances of developing grave iatrogenic illness if you decide to withdraw: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

●  Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

 ●  Online Support in Withdrawal

See also: Peer support? This is the real thing. Free of institutionalization. (psych drug withdrawal)

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7 thoughts on “Healing “psychosis”: stories, info and resources

    1. Study the About page on this blog and buy some of the recommended books and then see what you think is right for you. Use the info you find there are a springboard to more research so that you can make the right decisions for yourself…

      a primer to withdrawal is here.

      but I recommend educating yourself much further than that before making a decision.

      withdrawing from Risperdal is potentially dangerous if you don’t do it right, so please take your time and see if it’s right for you.


  1. Steven Morgan is an awesome guy…he will be wonderful to work with and I think you’re all very lucky to have him!! and I’m sure him, you. Say hello to him…


  2. Hi Gianna,
    I see that you have Steven Morgan’s story here. We have just hired him to be the director of our peer-run psychiatric survivor group, Another Way, here in Montpelier, VT.

    Thanks for gathering all this material and fostering connections that combat our isolation.


  3. Yay Ellen!
    this is a relatively new page I’ve put together…I’m often bummed at how infrequent all my resources in the tabs are used…I can see how often pages are visited…and while the tabs get looked at often enough the vast amount of info collected on them don’t get looked at often enough…I don’t know how to make them more available…

    These tabs are the meat of my blog…the stuff that really counts…and is timeless.


  4. Hi Gianna,

    I have never clicked on this recovery from psychosis tab before. You have gathered some very important resources. I have my work cut out for me reading it all.

    Good stuff, thanks.


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