Social media shut-down and site name change

I deleted all my widely public Facebook accounts and went back to a small semi-private page. I’ve also changed the name of my twitter account so it’s no longer associated with this work. And I’ve altered the title of the blog (Everything Matters: Beyond Meds). This is all part of the evolution of this transformative healing process I embarked upon over a decade ago, now. I no longer have the same relationship to the work and thus how I put it out into the world is also changing.


Terror and grief

Hello, terror, my old friend… I was born into a home filled with terror and grief. Terror and grief, thus, became the most familiar thing in my reality. (this terror and grief was largely unconscious and unspoken, so uncovering it took the willingness to honestly look at what was really there) And to be clear: we are all born into a world filled with terror and grief. …


Bridging the Patient-Professional Divide

We are all, every one of us, in this wonderful and mysterious thing called life. And all of us are struggling in various ways to make sense of it. Is there really such a difference between someone trained as a clinician and a client? I think not.

flower bw

Choice and emotion: a short essay with some musing

When we are emotionally dysregulated or in an otherwise emotionally reactive state we act impulsively and without consciousness or interest about consequences because we want relief from that momentarily intolerable emotional state. We cannot imagine an alternative in that moment. Until consciousness comes to such behavior we effectively have no choice. …


We’re constantly evolving dynamic beings…

What is talked about in the video is very much my experience as my body continues to heal. The video is about becoming aware in general, not particular to healing and yet, fundamentally, it’s the same thing, in any case. Rich Doyle and Gary Weber in Dialogue on the continuing evolution of everything, including our […]


Fall into winter: a time of contraction

I always have a significant dip in how I feel in the fall and winter too. I am struggling with that as well right now. I can assure you that we do contract with the seasons and that is why it’s often more difficult in the fall. I used to think it was a huge setback but I now see it as a natural rhythm. That doesn’t mean it’s not still difficult. It is.


Is there choice involved in “letting go?”

I have found I can’t *choose* to “let go.” With developing awareness through mindfulness, I have however, seen how attachment is a problem and things have radically shifted with that awareness. It’s never been about choice for me — as attractive and seductive as that idea might be, I’ve found that I have no choice at all. With awareness, and in surrender, however, I am able to act and feel with more and more equanimity.


the musings of a mad woman

I am a mad woman — it’s a phenomenal and lovely journey. Madness is the real sanity on a planet full of people who don’t remember who and what we are. …