no longer on twitter…the tweets keep coming…

I've been weaning off social media for some years. I've now been completely off twitter and facebook for a month. Twitter for 2 months actually. Twitter was always my very favorite. I did a video about it some years ago because it was such a positively transformative experience for me. That said, all things change... Continue Reading →

Ecstatic dance break

Dance and movement has been one of my most important tools for healing. Dancing is living well. We can do it seated or even laying down if we have to. Just move to the music and feel it.

Happy halloween…an excuse to celebrate with my black kitties (photos)

Just for fun...kitties and more kitties. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Four minute hypnotic meditation for the day

This is just for fun. I do not recommend or know anything about the maker of this video. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

The Pig of Happiness

As you well know if you spend any time on Beyond Meds at all, it's important to address and embrace the full spectrum of human emotion including that which is dark and difficult. That said, there is no reason to deny or push away the happy! . … [click on title to read the rest]

Cat yoga, meditation and inspiration…

This is a compilation post of some things I've shared before and some that I have not. My cat is often a source of inspiration.  All my pets have been, but this post is inspired by Jezebel who is my remaining living cat at the moment. Here's an article that was inspired by her, but... Continue Reading →

Will a flashmob ever NOT make me cry? (Saturday Mellow)

Will a flashmob ever NOT make me cry? (something lovely on this otherwise grim day of posts)

Where the hell is Matt (Saturday not so mellow: but really FUN)

I posted one of this guys really early videos a few years ago. I was going to link to it I can't find it on the blog now...too many darn posts. In any case that one made me cry and this one again made me shed tears of happy!!

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