Histamine intolerance round-up

Update 2016: Histamine issues are only a piece of the vast holistic puzzle that the drug injury left me with. The histamine link serves as one possible window to access the chaos that has been my injured nervous system. It was a very helpful window for several  years. It’s not the window I prefer or use primarily anymore, though the information I gleaned from using this framework moved me along in my healing in significant ways and the dietary guidelines helped me heal so that I could eat a lot more foods. Histamine is one compound in our bodies interacting with millions of other microorganisms and chemicals in our bodies.  Lately I prefer to use Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to understand the intense complexity that is our human body . Still, the below info on histamine may be very helpful if this is what is currently resonating for you and I remain profoundly grateful for the life the work of Yasmina Ykelenstam and this phase of my healing.

I thought I’d put my histamine posts together here since it’s really changed the course of how I’m caring for myself and it seems this link is significant to a lot of other people too, albeit to varying degrees. Not everyone has such radical sensitivities and some people find relief cutting out just some of the highest histamine foods without a need to get nearly as radical as I have had to get.

For example I shared my histamine intolerance discovery with Judy Tsafrir, M.D at Adventures in Holistic Adult and Child PsychiatryAfter reading my posts she ended up changing her own diet.  She wrote a lovely post about histamine intolerance and the relatively simple tweaks she made to her own diet that brought about so much relief.

Her post from a couple of days ago is here: Histamine Intolerance, GAPS and Low Carb and an update with a newer post 4/2013 Histamine Intolerance: Another Great Pretender

This sort of sensitivity unrecognized could lead to being drugged with psychiatric pharmaceuticals to begin with, so anyone taking some of these drugs might want to rule out this condition. Being that a lot of neuroleptics and benzos and it seems SSRIs too all have significant anti-histamine properties this may impact a good number of folks. I hope to hear more from others as I get this information out to people.

UPDATE: I highly recommend visiting Yasmina’s work since she really is the person who got histamine on the internet map. Her work remains extremely helpful and her tips in learning to eat better are easy to follow.  In memory, with love, Yasmina Ykelenstam of “Healing Histamine”

These are my two original posts on the topic of histamine intolerance. There are many more links that go to many additional sources for information within the text of those two posts as well.

Histamine intolerance (new discovery, likely to apply to others on psych meds and coming off them too)

The histamine intolerance link and how this paleo girl went vegetarian (even vegan, for the time being!)

 (includes a list of other resources from other blogs at the bottom of the post) The histamine intolerance link and how this paleo girl went vegetarian (even vegan, for the time being!) (update) I’ve been able to slowly add a bit of animal protein back in lately but not much really.

Most recent updates:

Histamine Intolerance: can be associated with folks getting psychiatric diagnosis 

Have you considered histamine intolerance associated with psych drug use and withdrawal?

And the latest: Food sensitivities, histamine and mast cell activation syndrome



**Working with somatic issues from sensitivities here

I’ll  turn this post into a page for the navigation menu so that any additional info about histamine intolerance can be collected in the future and the page will be available for reference at the top of the blog with the rest of the archive navigation menus. Check back for updates.

This is an interesting study showing that the play of histamine has some sort of role in that which gets labeled schizophrenia…at least some of the time. I do not advocate for high doses of drug like they are proposing in the article. There are serious problems associated with that class of drug even when taken at much lower doses. See:  New Treatment for Schizophrenia? (don’t go for the treatment but consider the implications of what was found. Diet can alter histamine significantly…harsh drugs that put other systems out of whack can be avoided generally)


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