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I added another tab for the navigation menu. Thought I’d call attention to it. This one is for folks living with chronic illnesses of all kinds. I was struck physically ill from the brain-injury and systemic insult incurred by long-term  and excessive (prescribed) psychiatric drug use  and the subsequent withdrawal from the drugs (iatrogenesis). Many of my symptoms are like that of all sorts of auto-immune and other long-term chronic illness. (CFS, fibromyalgia, etc) — because in fact the drugs exacerbate or encourage such manifestation.

These are articles about learning to cope with being seriously ill and also learning to heal from such illness.

This is general information and/or personal information that has been helpful to me and may or may not apply at all to any particular given individual with whatever illness you may be coping with.

The tab and the drop down menu will be permanently at the top of the page, but for ease of use for the reader I share it below as well. The drop down menu is also a good place to find many different suggestions for healing modalities. Don’t limit yourself to this page!

These two pieces are new and link a lot of everything else together in many ways although not explicitly

This page will be updated when appropriate posts are published on the blog.

Chronic Illness

Lately herbs have been incredibly helpful and I’ve been getting better!

2017: some newer articles:

See also: the “It Gets Better” Series if you’re sick and in the midst of psychiatric drug withdrawal

Being seriously physically ill can also incur trauma and lead to PTSD like issues. Having been traumatized can also make someone more likely to develop chronic illness. If you scroll down on this page the following link you will find a section on trauma and the body: Trauma infographic and links to more info too 

These are additional articles that may be helpful to people with various chronic illnesses. This is general information that has been helpful to me and may or may not apply at all to any particular given individual.

I will add to this list of articles as appropriate. Check back from time to time.

These are all permanently accessible from the drop-down navigation menu above under the heading “Chronic Illness”

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