Let us not be control freaks. Our experience is not anyone else’s.

If and when folks want info based on my experience and study, I will happily share, otherwise how they choose to manage their bodies is their business, not mine. I make this a very conscious practice to never impose what I think on another. I may not be perfect at it but I sure as hell won’t be found screaming at someone about a supplement they should or should not take. … we have no right to tell others how to take care of themselves. – trying to control others is coercive and violent. People have a right to have a different opinion than we do about drugs (or supplements or food or whatever.)


When medicine and doctors almost kill you…

I was so fucking sick. Sometimes I think about it and just the thought of those times is traumatizing. It’s still often very difficult too which keeps it fresh. I’ve come so far but when I think about what it was like it’s just horrifying. Horrifying, still, because it remains incredibly alienating…And horrifying because I know that so many others are being made ill like I was made ill…yes MADE ill by psychiatric drugs and treatment…and the fact remains that most people don’t want to even know that it’s possible to get so sick. it’s too frightening to face. …

KALI – the goddess and archetype who’s been my muse and familiar

some tweets from my twitter timeline I’m going to share here now too. I’ve strung them together: In our culture with the level and degree of societal conditioning the only way to heal and be free is to first be totally destroyed. Once we’ve been wiped out completely (all that conditioning wiped away clean) we […]

Don’t you see (song recording by Beyond Meds)

This comment with the below video was left on this post. Had to share because the song is so beautiful and I am so touched. Hello, dear Monica. We are Armenian band and we called our band after your blog to thank you for great job that you do. Thank you very much for everything. […]

Yoga, acupressure and self massage for gut healing

I’ve not done a yoga post in a long time. Here are the yoga posts I’ve done in the past. I love yoga! This post also includes acupressure and a self-massage. I’ve been on an ongoing journey of healing the gut in a multitude of ways. Lately I discovered that gut motility was an issue […]

the mental health professionals who perpetrate against us

I think a lot about why I can’t work therapeutically with people in the mental illness system. I have found that the same traumatic dynamic comes up with some frequency outside that system too with “healers” of all stripes really…alternative doctors, energy workers, therapists of various sorts, you name it…if they are in the healing profession they’ve hurt me and people like me. Some of us are like magnets to people’s ugliness. This is a sort of karmic phenomena for some of us and to change it we must become aware of how it works under the surface because it’s not a conscious process for anyone involved. Clinicians are the worst because they’re in a position of power and they deny that this is happening. That of course adds to the injurious nature of the dynamic. …

Pharmaceuticals suppress symptoms…(and thus lie to us)

Western medicine with it’s penchant for suppression is a real political force. In suppressing the body’s cries we are also denying the psyche. One need only look at US political process and our communities rife with racism, sexism and homophobia to see what this denial has created. Pharmaceuticals suppress symptoms and then keep one in the maintenance mode, creating customers for life and guaranteeing no real healing. …