A major component of mental wellness…that is accessible to everyone. Right now.

So...how to be in the present moment? I like simply starting by suggesting paying attention. If formal meditation feels like too much how about just taking a moment -- right now -- to pay attention? What can you hear in your environment, right now? What does the air feel like on your body? What is the temperature? Is the air moving or still? Humid or dry? What do you see about you, right now? What is the quality of light? Are there other living creatures around? Plants? Animals? What are the objects surrounding you? What do you feel in your body right now? Are there any sensations that stand out in your body? What if you started from your head and slowly scanned your body to your toes? What does it all feel like? Sit with all this for a few minutes. … [click on title to read and view more]

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