She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for

Our planet is dying. It's dangerous to be in any sort of denial about this. The most important question we can ask ourselves is "what am I doing to serve the planet, humanity and all of life?" I'll repeat what the person who passed this onto me said, "PLEASE take time to watch this and turn up your speakers. Allow it to soak into your soul." … [click on title to read and view more]

The whole world is sick….and you can’t put this right by having a good therapeutic dialogue…

My practice tells me I can no longer distinguish clearly between neurosis of self and neurosis of world, psychopathology of self and psychopathology of world. Moreover, it tells me that to place neurosis and psychopathology solely in personal reality is a delusional repression of what is actually, realistically, being experienced. The whole world is sick….and... Continue Reading →


Damn, I'm inspired. David Oaks, co-founder and former executive director of MindFreedom International, is a leader and a visionary. After experiencing forced drugging and solitary confinement in the mental health system as a young man, he's devoted his life to fighting against stigmatizing psychiatric labels, forced drugging, and human rights abuses. He led the 2003 MindFreedom Hunger Strike/Fast For Freedom where 6 psychiatric survivors fasted for weeks, challenging the American Psychiatric Association to provide solid evidence for the biological basis of mental/emotional distress. Despite an unbelievably COLD initial response from the APA, the strikers did not give up, and the APA was ultimately forced to admit that it had no scientific evidence that mental distress was a “neurobiological illness.”

Fierce Light

That we might have hope for the world and it's inhabitants of all species: Fueled by the belief that "another world is possible," Fierce Light is a compelling, global journey into the world of spirit in action, an exploration of what Martin Luther King called "Love in Action," and Gandhi called "Soul Force"; what Ripper is calling "Fierce Light." … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Will Hall Is Honored with 2012 Judi Chamberlin Joy in Advocacy Award

I'm very happy to share the news that Will has been honored for his fine work. Will Hall often contributes and edits Beyond Meds too. He is a close friend and I know very well just how much he deserves this award. These words written by his friend and fellow activist, Oryx Cohen, were read by the presenter when he was given the award:

Spirituality and Politics (activism)

In the tradition of Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr, truly spiritual people do not leave anyone behind. As long as we're on the planet it's our duty to care for it and everyone (of all species) on it. from Women, Nonviolence & Birthing a New American Politics

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