We accept a cultural value that annihilates the Earth (making us all sick and in denial)

We are still accepting a cultural value that annihilates the Earth. If we don’t change, we are going to our own extinction. This is precisely what addicts do. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

We are all addicts…

Update: This article gets people upset on occasion and yet no one who has gotten upset has responded to what I’m actually saying in this piece. Please read it carefully. It’s not talking about YOU. It’s talking about HUMAN BEINGS in general. Addiction is a societal issue. Consumerism and capitalism is dependent on the addict in everyone. Recognizing this fundamental issue with our society is part of a much deeper social commentary that this speaks to. Gabor Mate and others speak to this expertly if you’d like to do further research. Our society needs healing, it’s not just particular individuals who need to heal. We are all connected. Inextricably so. This argument can be true and we can also note real differences in how people use drugs. There is no argument there on my part. Language is inherently imprecise and context must always be considered. This is a simple argument of inclusion. Arguments that concentrate on differences can be true simulataneously. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!! 😀

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