Violence – a family tradition

This is very lovely and beautiful in that the harm that spanking creates is very simply explained. Please listen. "Spanking is sanctioned violence against children" … [click on title for the rest of the post]

The Raising of America: let’s give our kids what they need

Science has demonstrated that a child's experiences during the earliest years are vital to building the foundation for life-long individual success -- in school and in life. Now economists are studying the costs and benefits of high quality early care and preschool. And they're worried. Not because we're spending too much but because we're spending too little where it matters most. ...Preventing trauma and abuse in kids and supporting them in meaningful ways as they grow up should be a critical priority … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Risk Factors for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Dr. Robert Anda, emphasizes that most mental health problems and substance abuse issues are not genetically determined even if there is some genetic association. More important is the environment that people are subjected to when they are young. If we prevent adverse child experiences we will prevent most of what gets labeled mental illness. These injurious childhood experiences are very common. That means we need to heal society. That means we need to heal the whole family. That means we need to heal ourselves.

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